Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sorry I'm Late!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!! Now, I'm sorry that I'm late in posting on Christmas Eve, but at least I remembered!! Now, this is very rare, but it jut so happens that right now, it is Grace AND Olivia together, posting at the same time!! We're sitting right next to each other!! Now, who wants to see Superfish and Lola in their Christmas uniforms, and the cities lights?! All right kids, get ready!

 There they are!! The most amazing fishies ever! Aren't they beautiful? I know they are. Now, it's time for some messages from Superfish, and his little sister Lola. 

                            Hello, my fishy friends! 
                                              Merry Christmas!! Merry X-Mas! Happy New Year!! I love you all! How do you like my beautiful Santa suit?! And what about Lola's elf costume?! They're amazing aren't they? Now, I know that on land, you guys think that Santa's suit is red, but really, it's purple. Just remember that.  Well, I gotta get ready to save some little kids! During this time of year, they get so excited that they hurt themselves, and get lost sometimes! What cuties! 
                                                                 XOXOXOXOXO and Merry Christmas
                                                                          ~ Superfish *wink*

           Hey, hey, hey Ladies! 
                        It's me, the fantabulous Lola!!! Wait, Superfish has mentioned me?! I am like, so totally surprised! *cough* He is such a good brother!!! Anyway, Happy Christmas! I dressed up like a sea elf for the festivities! Did you see my oober cool outfit? I spent SOOOOO long making it! I'm really proud of it! So did you guys dress up for Christmas?! Tell me what it your costume is!! What's your favorite thing about Christmas? MY favorite thing is waking up and then realizing it's... Christmas! Anyway, I want Santa to come so, nighty nighty!

       Wow! Those fish are amazingly awesome aren't they? Time for the Fishy Fact of the Day!

                                 Word: AngelFish
                                 Fishy Fun Fact: Angelfish can grow up to ten inches

I wish you all a very very very very Merry Christmas! I love you all! 

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