Sunday, September 29, 2013

I've been possessed by Pinterest and Google Images.

I was on Pinterest, and I saw the most amazing Harry Potter stuff!

Nail Designs:
Harry Potter wand battle

Jack O'Lanterns:
My Harry Potter Jack-O'-Lantern, complete with Nagini the gourd.

Harry Potter Memes | harry potter memes

absolutely doing this in my future home

And other random stuff!
Harry Potter Stuffs

Amazing right?! My love for Harry Potter is the equivalent of Grace's love of Doctor Who. I'm 'bouts to post a whooole lotta Harry Potter stuff so brace yourself.

That's actually very true. How did I not notice that? I wonder if he does that for Filch's sake so that he has something to do.....I need to write pretty much 1000 letters to J.K. Rowling.

Maybe 0.5 out of 100 can deny that.

Grace understands why I put this and who it is pointed towards. ((*wink wink*))

Okay time for me to leave. I can't spend all night showering you with Harry Potter stuff.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why is it that I can explain Human Biological Metecrisis's but I can't even explain atomic structure properly

Hey guys! I'm slightly happier now. My cousins just came over. Olivia and all her siblings. AND WE'LL NEVER BE ROOYALS! Sorry, I'm listening to that song right now. Guess what else I'm doing! Saving up for a laptop! Any suggestions on what kind i should get. Sorry, I would put a question mark there, but that key is broken.

I was thinking about The Doctor today. (Shut up, I know its not different from any other day in that respect.) But on TUMBLR there's "Dating Tips From The Doctor" and one of the #hashtags was "I can't even handle your flirty ways, doctor." and it was talking about the ninth doctor. It was rather hilarious, mostly because the closest thing I saw to flirting was when he was making a modest big deal out of defeating the jagarafess to Lynda with a Y. Did that count as flirting(question mark) I think it does. "I was here hundred years ago. Nothing to serious, had some problems upstairs. Home in time for tea." Pfft, the only reason you were home in time is because you have the TARDIS.



Revelation. he couldn't go back to dinner time, because if he was fighting the jagarafess at the time of dinner, he was an established part of events. So if he was to go back to dinner, he wouldn't be fighting monsters because he'd be having fish fingers and custard.

Begging your pardon, Doctor.

I just noticed something. The ninth doctor had a bit of sass. Well, I suppose all the Doctors do. So The DOctor is just a sass bucket, cause to be carrying that much sass through out all of wibbly wobbly timey wimey space, you'd have to have a lot. Whoa.

I just thought of something. WHAT IF THE ACTORS FROM DOCTOR WHO READ THIS BLOG. Like they just google their names or something and click on every single link. OHMAHGLERB.  BILLIE PIPER, IS THAT YOU! *hyperventilating*  I need to see if I have any visitors from England.


Oh yeah, Friday was spirit day. I was pretty spiritful. I WORE A TUTU. I never realised how amasing tutus were. (The key is broken.) I mean, they're so poofy!

Anyway, I should probably log off. But I'm gonna leave you with emotional\funny Doctor Who stuff.

  David's face looks kinda scary. Like kind of happy but scared and mad and psychotic at the same time. Like in one of those horror stories that you scream at people in the end. Ya feel me(question mark)

They were. They were like one of those couples where people were like, "Yup. They're stayin together." I mean, Ten and Rose was brilliant as well, but Nine and Rose should have had more time together. *giggles uncontrollably* YAY

This was one of my favorite parts in the entire season. It was freakin amasing.

Oh, Doctor. You have the best date plans.

ALright, for serious, I have to leave.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Okay so here's the thing. It's not the awesome superfish, but an awesome superfish. Keep that in mind. Here it is!

It looks so coooool! Now you get to see a pretty fish.

So pretty! You guys should really comment. It disappoints me sooo bad when I come to the blog, only to find that nobody cares enough to give us their opinion on the blog, or the subject that we're blogging about. I leave you with this last thought, and picture to represent my disappointment.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stolen Earth.

*sobs* I've been filling my day with emotional episodes of Doctor Who. I watched stolen earth. The look on the Doctor's face when he turned around and saw Rose... I just.... *faints*.

I know he marries River and everything... but... Rose.

His eyes always  sort of just.... I don't know. It just worked.

What if the Doctor met River when he was still in this regeneration(insert question mark). That would be weird. And rather hilarious. It'd be a little bit funny to see Rose get jealous of River. That would be rather epic.                                                                                       
His face when he saw her.... *sobs*

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A song that I could understaaaand.

I seriously have no idea about what that post was about.

I'm going to talk about Doctor Who.


I'm the doctor! and I just snogged Madame De Pompodour! HAHAHA


I watched "Stolen Earth." and "Journey's End." It was so adorable!!! My favorite scene ever is when the Doctor and Rose start sprinting towards each other. I died of happiness. But then The Doctor technically did die. But not of happiness. BUT THEN HE DID WONDERFUL TIMELORDINESS AND STAYED THE SAME!!! I want a handy spare hand.

I wish Rose was able to stay with the Doctor. They were so cute together! But I guess I don't mind, I mean, at least she has the metecrisis. But the thing that bugs me is that he left without saying goodbye. It was terrible. I just wanted him to say good bye, that's all. Just one simple farewell hug, just one wave. A smile. Anything. Just... a goodbye. But she didn't get one. And I shall never forgive him for that. Ever.

Did you know when you type, "I'm the doctor and" into google, the first result is, "I'm the doctor and I just snogged madame de pompadour!" That was a really good scene. As was the tie on the head. OMG I SHOULD HAVE A DOCTOR WHO THEMED PARTY AND EVERYONE HAS TO WEAR A TIE ON THEIR HEAD INSTEAD OF A PARTY HAT!!!! This will happen.

know what was a good scene in, "Turn left." (question mark.) When Rose talks about how great the Doctor's hair is. That was awesome. "You dream about him. Tall, skinny guy in a suit. WIth great hair. He has reeeaaally great hair." 

I wonder if Billie Piper really does like his hair.

She probably does.

 There is not a female in the universe that does not like his hair.

David Tennant's Hair Ruffler