Sunday, May 26, 2013

I AM SO SORRY/Hey, peoples! Sorry about that...

I am so sorry I haven't posted since JANUARY!!!!! But that don't matter no more cause there ain't nothin I can do now. SO ANYWAY.......I am with Gracie right this second which is quite magical. I had a strange dream that I got married at Target in the children's rain gear aisle. STRANGE.

Hey, Everybody! Sorry I haven't been posting, I've been kind of busy with studying for the MSP and stuff like that. Guess what? I have decided to do a radio show. It'll probably end up like my'youtube channell' (ie, non-existant) But hopefully, It'll turn out real and truuuue. Anywho, how have you guys been? (maybe comment about yo' summah plans!) I guess I gotta go. I will post updates on GO 72.4 (the radio name) See ya!

I haven't been in touch with any of my closest fans, Gracie and Olivia. I should probably do that more often. And I should keep in touch with my less obsessive fans as well! Like, you. I've just been busy saving the world. You, know. The usual junk. Mostly Barnacle Brain. Oh, yeah! I found a new recipe for Rock Soup. Also, YOU GUYS NEED TO POST COMMENTS. IT MAKES MY HEART SAD TO KNOW THAT NONE OF MY FANS LOVE ME ENOUGH TO POST OPINIONS AND COMMENTS ABOUT ME AND MY #1 FANS. If you want to know the recipe for me soup, it's down below:

  • Five to ten medium to large sized rocks
  • a good helping of sea salt
  • 4 1/2 cups seaweed (strips)
  • 2 gallons water

Boil as much water as a pot can hold for ten minutes Add rocks, wrapped in alternating layers of vertical and horizontal seaweed ((*strips*)). Add salt. Stir every 6.3 minutes for 18.9 minutes Serve hot, cold, or nine days old. ((No good after ten days, seaweed starts to rot)).