Monday, June 11, 2012


I am a film producer! I mean, sort of. Me and my friends ar making videos! and putting them on youtube! well, the youtube thing has yet to happen, but it will! We are gonna be all awesome and cool, and it's gonna be DA BOMB!!!!!!!  We just did an army one, and I think next we decided on a comedy. Know what sounds good? Oreos. no, an ice cream cone!        One of my friends was trying to insult me, and I annoyed him so much, because every time he finished coming up with one (each insult consisted of at least 15 sentences. Very long sentences, too.) I would say, "So does your face." I nearly made my other friends choke on his ice cream cone. I feel like someone else is typing this, if ya know what I mean. I can feel my hands on the keyboard, and it types what I want, but my hands dont feel like my hands. I don't get it either, I guess, but it feels like someone else is being my hands, even though thats impossible because my nervoI us system would make that impossible. Whatevs.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yo Harry, you're a wizard.

Good Morning! It is in the morning when I wrote this, so don't go changing it to night or whatever, please. I am going th1s 1snt what 1t l00ks L1ke. SO, I realLY Think you SHOuld test IT OUt.  Know what sounds good? Pork and applesauce. Or maybe some cupcakes.  Or some brownies. Or some orange juice. Nom Nom Nom.