Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm forever yours...

 I know, I know. More Journey. I already have a plan for tomorow's song. Guess who it's by? Anyway, I played 40 more minutes of trombone today. I am hoping to get 200 minutes this week. I just came back from a choir concert. Okay, it was more than choir, but that's what I was there for. We did pretty good, if I do say so myself. I had to wear my leggings with my T-shirt instead of a skirt because the shirt is HUGE! Oh well, it looked nice. THE THIRD/FOURTH ( I think ) SANG "HERE COMES THE SUN" BY THE BEATLES! I love the Beatles! And I love that song, too. That's all there is to report, I believe.

Leave in comments: If you play an instrument, what is it? If you could, what would it be?

Fish/Mammal/Reptile of the day: Water snakes
Word: egg
Fact: Snakes are creepy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yep! Journey does the honors today! Smelled of wine and cheap perfume... My children will listen Journey if it kills me. Anyway, I decided to get better at trombone. That means I need to practice my scales and my arpeggios! Oh joy... Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I completely forgot! I am reading "Everything On A Waffle" and I think readers should read it. Okay, that sounded funny. I have been reading about Parakeets/Budgies. If I get one, and it's a girl, I will name her Caitlyn, and if it's a boy, I will name it Logan. I like those names, they sound soft, like strawberrys and vanilla ice-cream.
Leave in comments: What is your favorite Journey song?

Fish/Mammal of the day: Sting ray
Fact: Some jelly fish can remove their stingers, and float away, but the stingers are still poisonous!
Word: Algae

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was at my friends house! I am sorry I haven't posted. We had a slumber party and it was FUN! I am super-tired, though. NO, we did not stay up until two in the morning. We actually went to bed pretty early. I am still tired. Sooo... I am learning how to play "O Canada" on my trombone. I don't have anything to write, so good night/morning/evdning/afternoon!

Leave in comments:How would you host a slumber party?
Fish/Mammal of the day: Angel fish
Fact: Angel fruit cake is deliscious
Word: Barnacle

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Sorry people! Mrs.Grandma did not send me anything so i would know there was another blog!
anyway, I bet Gracie has been keeping you company though! PEACE OUT! :D


It's Thursday! We all know what that means! Actually, even I don't, so let's not discuss it. Anywho, I figured out the can-can on my trombone, and my choir  concert is on February 29th. OH YEAH, this year is a leap year. I am making a powerpoint about parakeets/budgies. If I had one, it would be an albino, and his name would be Sylvester. If it was a girl, her name would be Venus. I say Venus because my rock buddy is named Aphrodite. Goddess of love!
Leave in comments: If you had a pure-white parakeet, what would you name it?
Fish/Mammal of the day: Superfish
Fact: Superfish has a secret identity.
Phrase: "Chicks are my kryptonite."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wishing it was friday.

I don't have a song of the day yet. Sorry! I think it will be"Friend like me" from Aladdin. Did I spell that right? Oh well. I got two interviews for my documentary, "Musical Experience". Hopefully, I am going to enter it in a film contest. I want to win! Not first place, though. But that would be pretty cool. It rained a lot here last night. But now it is nice and sunny! I had to sleep on the couch because it was windy. Alright, I hope you guys/gals have a good Wednesday!
Leave in comments: If you could make a documentary, what would it be about?

Fish/Mammal of the day:Tiger shark
Fact: Dolphin meat is high in mercury. Watch"The Cove"
Word: Ink

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We could be a beatiful miracle...

As Taylor Swift fans could of guessed, the song of the day is "Invisible''. I went to the library today. My Matrem (mom) is taking pictures of R2D2 everywhere we go. It's pretty cool. My friend is coming over sometime today, also, so I'm pretty excited. I have been reading, mathing,(that's a made up word, but who cares?) and doodling. I don't really have anything to write...Sorry for my lack of awesome sauce lately. Uh.
Leave in commetns: If you could take a mini-robot with you and take a pic of him, where would it be?

Fish/mammal of the day: Anenome
Fact: Whales drop down to the ocean floor when they die.
Word: Waterfall

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ugh. Mondays.

Mondays aren't my favorite day of the week. The song of the day is "A girl worth fighting for" from Mulan. My mother is trying to make her own refried beans. I actually got up on time today! I am looking forward to a constitutional college course.Yay. Most of those plants I talked about yesterday are pretty dried up now. Leave in comments: How do you make Mondays fun?

Fish/Mammal of the day: Koi fish
Fishy word: Superhero cape
Fishy fact: Superfish can eat whole rocks!

Superfish (He can't tell you his secret identity)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

aaahhh, sweet sundays.

I hope you guys are having a peaceful Sunday. I know I am. I have been on the computer playing with Olivia and listening to my audio book. I went outside and collected some plants. They are on my bulletin board drying. It is going to be cool. I took my dog outside to play, and he was really excited. I am going to be a biologist when I grow up. I don't know what branch I want to be in. Get it? Branch? Tree branch? Nevermind. So, sorry it's short. Maybe I'll post some more later.
Fish/Mammal of the day: Bottlenose dolphin
WOrd: Pirate ship
Fact: Dolphins are a whale.
Leave in comments: What do you like to do on a sunday afternoon?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Saturday!

Salve'! I hope you guys enjoyed your saturday! It was really rainy at my house today, so I stayed inside for the most part. I went outside, and I picked a leaf. I gave it to my rock buddys/pet rocks named Aphrodite and Perseus. I am a nerd, I know. I lost a tooth that has been bugging me for about a week. I kow, it was a really short lifetime for that little bone. Sort of. In a way. Anywho, I got a shebox and I put my tooth and my Frog Observation journal in it. Except now it is my Frog And Beta Fish Observation journal. Thhis blog talks very little about fish. I am sorry about that. I hope you guys enjoy it anyway.     Leave in comments: If you had a pet rock, what would you name it?
Fish of the day: Beta fish
Fish word: Mermaid tail

Friday, February 17, 2012


HAPPY FRIDAY! I love fridays. Anyway, one of my friends gave me an AWESOME frog yesterday. I named her Leto, because the goddess Leto turned a bunch of people into frogs for not letting her get a drink. My trombone awesomeness is going well. My tooth just got a lot looser yesterday. It started bleeding right in the middle of band. I missed a concept for the drums. Anywho! And the frog is a doll, forgot to tell ya that.

Fish of the day: rainbow trout
Fun fact: Starfish can change gender from male to femal, depending on the mating season.
Fishy word: Gill. I said good morning, gill.
Leave in comments: What do you love most about fridays?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It' me again!

Oh my Zeus, this blog looks cool! It is thursday morning, and I am going to eat pancakes for breakfast. I hope I have some other visitors soon. I will be studying latin and music today. OH yeah, and math. I hope you virtual awesome people enjoy this blog!

Fish of the day: Puffer fish
Fish fact: I don't like salmon
Fishy word: blow hole
Hey how ya' doing? (iinside joke)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi everybody! Sorry we changed it, but this used to be superfishisawesome so I hope you enjoy it!
So... I have nothing to write, so heres the fish stuff of the day!
Fish of the day: Beta fish
Fun fact: Mermaids are REAL!
Fishy word of the day: Elkhorn coral